How to check jewelry whether it’s gold or artificial

Gold is considered as a precious metal in the world. You would buy them during some special occasion or event that is going to take place in your home. While buying there is a need for you to identify carefully that whether the gold that you buy is real or artificial because at present you can able to find out many artificial items are sold out in the name of gold. When you buy the artificial material within a short span of time the color gets dim and become valueless. To avoid all sort of problems before buying when you do the following types of testing then it would be helpful for you to predict out is the item that you buy is a real gold or not. They are as follows


Check out the Hallmark


All the gold would have the hallmark stamp fixed at its back. The carat weight of the artificial jewelry online would be dependent based on the 10k to 14k. You can find them in the clasp of the necklace that you buy even you can find in the bracelets, rings and shreds. This would be helpful for you to identify that whether it is gold or artificial. 


Perform nitric acid test


One cannot able to keep on buying the gold regularly. So before buying it would be well and good for you to identify that whether the items that you buy is an original gold or a fake once. For that you can do the nitric acid test.

·         Take the gold in your hand.

·         Scratch a little place with a small nail.

·         Then pour a little amount of nitric acid in it.

When the color changes then it is considered as an artificial if not then it is pure gold.


You can do magnet test


The genuine gold would not have the power to attract up the magnet. In that place you can try out with the test because it is portable test which can able to give you a genuine gold.


What are the other simple tests that can be carried out?


It does not mean that you have to carry out only the high level of testing. Even the simple level of testing can be done such as the float test. For doing this test you need only a cup of the water. Any different size of the genuine gold would get immediately get sink up in the bottom of the liquid.

When you want to do still a simple type of testing then take the gold and hold them in your hand for few minutes. The perspiration of the skin would create some chemical reactions with the gold. You can find out skin gets discolor when the gold it not a real one.


These are simple tricks and tips that you can follow when you are buying the gold as a new. After doing such kinds of test you would get a real satisfaction that you are buying only the gold and not an artificial gold and wasting your money over there.